The Coffee Book Tag!!!

Hey Folks,

It’s been a while since I’ve done a tag and thought I better start catching up on the ones I’m behind on.

Danni over at For Books Sake tagged me for The Coffee Book Tag way back in March!!!! Forgive me for the delay Danni!!!  

Black: Name a series that’s tough to get into, but has hardcore fans.

There are a few but I think the one I’m going to go for is the The Folk of the Air series by Holly Black, I tried to read the first book The Cruel Prince. I borrowed this book a few times from the library but just couldn’t get into it.

Peppermint Mocha: Name a book that gets more popular during the winter or festive time of year.

Definitely A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I definitely know that my clothbound copy has already been read for the last 2 years, and will be coming off the shelves this year too.

Hot Chocolate: What is your favourite children’s book?

Oh, there are quite a few. But here are just a few.

Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame

Matilda by Roald Dhal

Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dhal

The Borrowers by Mary Norton

Double Shot of Espresso: Name a book that kept you on the edge of your seat from start to finish.

Again there are quite a few but, I’m going to with any one of the books written by Cara Hunter or C.J.Tudor.

Starbucks: Name a book you see everywhere.

The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman (at the time of writing this answer I keep hearing and seeing this book everywhere and by the time this post goes up I’ve probably finished the audiobook)

That Hipster Coffee Shop: Give a book by an Indie author a shout-out.

Oh my how can I just choose one I’ve discovered so many great Indie authors. Here just some of the Indie authors I’ve read and enjoyed very much, and think people need to check out. (Not in any particular order)

The Shop on Peculair Hill by Grimly Darkwood

The Burning Bride by Manoj Kerai

Elixir by Chris Rook

George the Orphan Crow and the Creatures of Blossom Valley by Helen Fox

The Focus Program by K.T.Dady

Oops! I Accidentally Got Decaf: Name a book you were expecting more from.

Again there are a few but I’m going with The Farm by Joanne Ramos. Don’t get me wrong it was an good book but I was definitely expecting more.

The Perfect Blend: Name a book or series that has both bitter and sweet but is ultimately satisfying.

I think it would either be the Harry Potter series or the Twilight series.

I’m Tagging:

Katie over at  Melting Pages

Laura over at Roachie’s Reviews

Misty @ Misty’s Book Space

Stephen @ Stephen Writes

And you if your reading this post.

No pressure, if you don’t fancy doing the tag, but if you do don’t forget to tag back to this post so I can read your answers.

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