Death In A Dumpster: George George & Rosina Walter by Henry Bassett

Format Read: eBook

Source: Sent by author

Publisher: Amazon Digital Services

Genres: Mystery

Publication Date: 1st December 2021

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads (George George)(Rosina Walter):

This interactive fiction plunges you into the investigation of a murder at a hotel. Each entry holds a different account of the events as they unfolded over the day from the handful of suspects selected for questioning. The inquiry may have you pondering the means as, in a world of those with abilities, it is difficult to know how classic or extravagant the method was. There is no true order to read these accounts in, neither are you required to read all of one before perusing another.

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My Thoughts

The way this series works is very interesting and unique. the series consists of 6 books and each book gives an account of where each character was and what they were up to during the murder of a hotel worker. What makes the series unique is that you as the reader are the detective and from reading the accounts you have to try and work out who is responsible. I was sent two books by the author, George George and Rosina Walter.

The first one I read was George George. It was a quick read as it’s only roughly 10 to 15 pages long. I didn’t really learn much about what happened from reading his account and how he could have been involved. But what I did learn is that he is a very strange character and a lot of what he says doesn’t make sense.

I then went on to read the second book the account of Rosina Walters. At a glance, she seems to be a nice character, but again I didn’t really learn much about what may have happened or how she may have been involved with the murder. However, from reading her account I was able to make more sense of the first book (George, George). I really liked how although different characters the books are linked. Also although not obvious in George George both characters seem to have some sort of powers.

Although both books are short and I wasn’t able to work out much I did enjoy reading them both.

Overall both books were well written and love the fact that you can read the series on your own or as part of a book club. I would love to read the rest of the series one day to see if I had the skills to make a good detective!!

I would like to thank Henry for sending me digital copies of both books in exchange for honest and unbiased thoughts.

My Rating


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