Mini Reviews (April 2022 Reads)

Hi bookish friends!!

Welcome to another round of mini reviews!!

Today I’m sharing my quick thoughts on some of the books I read in the month of April!! I thought I was back on track with with reviews but looks like I’m STILL playing catch up with my reviews!!

So, here goes!!

(if you would like to know more about the books just click on the book images or titles and you’ll be taken to their Goodreads page)

The Manningtree Witches by A.K. Blakemore 💙💙1/2

This was a well written and researched novel with a really interesting sounding premises and I couldn’t wait to read it, but sadly didn’t love as much as I thought I would. There were things I liked such as the detailed characters and the fact the story was based on true events. The events are well researched and put together. However, I found the pacing and narrative let the book down for me. The pacing was a tad too slow and even when it picked up it wasn’t the fast and exciting pace I was expecting. As for the narrative I had mixed feelings, at times it was very well done but at other times it felt a little disjointed. Overall an ok read nothing special!

Secrets of the Stars by Maria Kuzniar 💙💙💙💙

I was lucky enough to read the first book The Ship of Shadows for the Ultimate Blog Tour organised with by The Writes Read back in 2020, and having really enjoyed it, I couldn’t wait to give this second book a go. This was another fun fast paced adventure story. It was nice to see my favourite characters back together again as they continue their search for the pieces of the legendary map. A great sequel and based on the ending can’t wait for the next book in the Ship of Shadows adventure.

Crying In H Mart by Michelle Zauner 💙💙💙

Ok, so I had been hearing about this book from everywhere and everyone and after months of waiting for my library hold came through I finally got to read it. And honestly I have mixed thoughts on it.

I found the story interesting but must admit I wasn’t quite blown away by the book, I’m not sure whether it was because I couldn’t relate to the main character or whether it was the tone in which the audiobook was narrated in. But I can definitely see why so many have loved this book but unfortunately this is another over hyped read for me.

The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune 💙💙1/2

So, after DNF-ing Under The Whispering Door, I wasn’t sure what to expect from this one so went in with no expectations at all. Again I wasn’t blown away by this one. I mean it covered some important topics and issues but at the same time I felt they were explored quite enough.

I found the story itself to be predictable and honestly the plot just felt slow and not engaging enough, and the only characters I liked were the children. Sadly this book just wasn’t for me, but I would definitely not discourage anyone from picking it up as so many others have loved it so much.

A Nurse’s Story: My Life in A&E in the Covid Crisis by Louise Curtis💙💙💙

This is another interesting medical memoir that follows the experiences and struggles of working in A&E during the start of the Covid Pandemic.

Although an interesting read I was expecting to read more about the Covid side of things, like the title suggest but instead I felt it focused more on the nurses personal life more. I personally would have liked to find out more about the other staff and patients as well as how they coped. Overall it was a good read.

The Carnival Of Ash by Tom Beckerlegge💙💙

I was lucky enough to receive an ARC of this book for a Blog tour that was organised by Dave @TheWriteReads. This one sounded really interesting, however, it was nothing like what I was expecting. I was cleverly written, however, I just didn’t gel with the story and writing style. I did almost DNF the physical book, but found the audiobook on Audible, which helped me to finish the books. Although the narrator did a wonderful job with narrating the book this book sadly just wasn’t for me.

The Maid by Nita Prose💙💙💙💙

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this book as it was another hyped book that I kept seeing and hearing about everywhere, but I ended up enjoying it very much. I was planning to read a physical copy but the wait for the physical copy was 6 plus month, but luckily I found the audiobook on Scribd. They story itself was a little predictable at times but because it was such an easy read and I just wanted to keep going more just to find out what happened to Molly the maid. I really liked Molly’s character and seeing her take on life and work. Overall a great debut novel, and can’t wait to see what Nita Prose has in store for her readers next.

Malice by Heather Walter 💙💙💙

This was a book that I knew very little about other than that it was a fantasy loosely based on a Sleeping Beauty retelling. The story was slow to start, but after about the half way point really started to pick up. There were also some interesting themes introduced, however, I felt they weren’t explored enough which seems to be a repeating theme in the books I read in April. However, I can’t fault the world building. This was my favourite part of the book. The description was really well done. Although I liked this book I’m not sure if I will be reading the next one as I was quite happy with the way this book ended.


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