Last Minute Gift Ideas!!

Whether you’re looking for that last minute Christmas gift or looking for that perfect gift for any occasion. Here are some ideas!!!

All the gifts mentioned below are gifts I’ve received or have gifted to others myself, and have been a massive hit!!



Bookmarks make the perfect gifts and anyone that loves reading will appreciate one. These make perfect gifts as there are so many different ones available out there and you can always find something. The best part is you can even make your very own.



This one can be a little a little tricky especially if you don’t know what the person already owns, but if they are like me I welcome all books, even if it’s one I already own as it’s the thought that counts. But also, if you’re like any of my family and friends you can just ask the person you’re gifting for a list of books and then you can choose which to gift.



This is a gift that everyone will love whether they like drinking hot or cold drinks. There are so many cool bookish designs out there that the only problem you’ll have is choosing just one.


Cosy Blankets

This is my favourite gift to give or receive. You can never have too many cosy blankets. Every reader loves a cosy blanket to snuggle up with on a cold day while reading. In my opinion this is the perfect gift as you can gift a cosy blanket to anyone, even if they aren’t a bookworm.


Reading Light

Another great gift that will be appreciated by any avid reader. Reading lights come in so handy especially if the person you’re gifting to loves reading in bed but doesn’t want to keep the main light on. I know many people these days read eBooks but these still are a must have as not all reading devices can be read in the dark and a lot of people still love reading a physical book.


Book Sleeve

Every bookworm will love a book sleeve. They come in every size and style and the best part you can never have too many. Also, they are so simple to make that you could even try and make them yourself.


Cosy Socks/slippers socks

In my opinion these are the best thing ever. In the colder months I live in cosy socks & slippers, which means I get through many pairs and love receiving new ones as gifts. I’ve gifted these to many family and friends.


Tote bags

This is another favourite gift of mine and it’s not limited to just book lovers. I absolutely love collecting and using tote bags, I never leave the house without a few. You can get them in many sizes and with almost any pattern or design on the front. These are perfect especially now, where almost all shops are charge for carry bags.


Gift Vouchers

These are the quickest and easiest gifts to buy for someone, especially when you can’t decide what to get someone. I love gifting gift vouchers as it means the person I’m gifting the vouchers to can buy exactly what they want. I personally love receiving gift vouchers especially book vouchers, as it means I can use them to either put towards paying for that something special I’ve had my eye on or it means I can buy something extra.


So, there you have it, my quick gift guide. Hope you’ve found it useful. Do let me know in the comments below which gifts you love gifting and receiving the most.

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