I’m back from Summer break!!

Hi folks,

Hope you’ve all been well!!

I’m back from my summer break with my nephews!! We had a fab time and did lots of fun activities including working on a fun school project that my eldest nephew (7) had to do for school and going on a day trip to the Chessington World Adventure Theme Park.

Here are some of the other things we got up to over the summer break as well!!

My nephew had to find out about The Great Fire of London, and then had to make a replica house to those that burned down during the great fire. This is what he ended up making.

We also made some things out of clay and did some rock painting. I was really bad at these activities. But here’s some of my nephews master piece.

Another favourite activity was making chocolate rice krispies cakes and chocolate popcorn!! The quickest and easiest activity to do. Even my youngest nephew (19 months) loved this activity. Most of the mixture ended up in and around his mouth and all over his clothes.

Oh and we also ended up making some pancakes.

We also went to the local park where we feed the ducks and squirrels. My eldest nephew loved it especially when the squirrels came right up close. However, my youngest nephew (19 months) wasn’t a fan he wanted to pick the squirrels up but at the same time was scared of them!!

All in all, a great time was had!!

My eldest nephew went back to school on Monday (6th September) which means it’s time to get back into a routine with the youngest one and also time to get back into posting more regularly (hopefully) and catching up with you all!!

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