2021 Birthday Book Haul!!

As you know it was my birthday on Friday 18th June. I had a lovely day!! I was spoilt me with lots of amazing gifts from family and friends!!

Some of you may have seen these already if you follow me on Instagram, but if you don’t, not to worry as here are just some of the gifts I received this year!!!

The first set of gifts I received where from my parents. The spoilt me with 5 new books!! Yes that right 5!!! They brought me the entire series of The Poppy war by R.F. Kuang in paperback. The Burning God has been pre-ordered and will arrive in October. They also brought me Pachinko by Min Jin Lee and a copy of Circus of Wanders by Elizabeth Macneal. Can’t wait to pick these up!!

The next set of gifts were from my brother. These were definitely a surprise as he said this year he wasn’t going to buy me any books. He brought me 4 books! 3 Penguin clothbound books and a Barnes and Noble leather bound book. The Barnes and Noble leather bound is The Complete Tales and Poems of Edgar Allan Poe and the 3 Penguin clothbound books were Moby Dick by, The Odyssey by Homer and Moby Dick by Herman Melville.

Then from my bestie I received some bookish themed gifts along with a cute teddy that says “Big Hugs’. The bookish gifts she sent were this bookish cushion which is printed with some classics all the way round, and she also sent me a hanging plaque that says ‘Too many books? I think what you mean is not enough bookshelves”.

I was also received some money and gift vouchers to spend on books, will let you know what I spend these on!!

I’m truly grateful to have such loving family and friends!!!

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  1. These are AMAZING birthday gifts,Mani 🙂 And you can enjoy them all year round! 😉
    I love the themed-pillow from your bestie 🙂 But the leather bound books from your brother are a keeper too. Aww, that was a loving gesture 🙂

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