The Autobiography of Malcolm X (Review)

The Autobiography of Malcolm X

Format: Paperback

Source: Borrowed from friends

Publisher: Penguin

Genres: Non-Fiction, Autobiography, Memoir,

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“If there was any one man who articulated the anger, the struggle, and the beliefs of African Americans in the 1960s, that man was Malxolm X. His AUTOBIOGRAPHY is now an established classic of modern America, a book that expresses like none other the crucial truth about our times.”

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My Thoughts & Review

This is a book I’ve had my eye on for a while, but only picked it up after my friends lent me their copy and it sat on my TBR shelves for about 6 months before I actually got around to picking it up. But rest assured I have now returned it to its rightful owners. 

The Autobiography of Malcolm X is follows Malcolm X a black leader who took a stand against racial discrimination that was faced by black people in USA. It starts from the very beginning from when Malcolm is a young boy and follows his journey with racial discrimination into adulthood. 

Now, although I found this a very interesting and thought provoking read, I didn’t love it like many have. The main reason for this was the religious theme that ran through the whole book. For me personally it concentrated on Islam too much and at times felt like it was trying to convince readers to convert to the religion. Personally, I would have liked to read and learn more about the racial discrimination about black people of all faiths. 

As for the writing style, well this was one of the things I did like. It’s very descriptive, yet at the same time very simple to read making it an ideal quick read. 

Overall I didn’t enjoy this book as much as I hoped I would but at the same time I wouldn’t discourage anyone else not to pick it up, as many, people others have absolutely loved this one. 

My Rating


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