Book Quotes of the week – Sunday 16th May 2021


Hi Folks!!!

Happy Easter to everyone that celebrates!!! Welcome back to my weekly favourite book quotes post!!!

Today’s quotes are from the book The Obelisk Gate by N.K Jemisin.

“Being useful to others is not the same thing as being equal.”

“The way of the world isn’t the strong devouring the weak, but the weak deceiving and poisoning and whispering in the ears of the strong until they become weak, too.”

“It’s not hate that you’re seeing. Hate requires emotion. What this woman has simply done is realize that you are a rogga, and decide that you aren’t a person, just like that.”

“You pretended to hate him because you were a coward. But you eventually loved him, and he is a part of you now, because you have since grown brave.”

“Given a choice between death and the barest possibility of acceptance, they were desperate, and we used that. We made them desperate.”

“Urgency and despair don’t get along well.”

“Love is no inoculation against murder.”

“Complaining about nothing doesn’t seem like coping to you, but okay.”

“Denying what you are didn’t keep people from knowing what you are.”

“Maybe she failed your tests because they were the wrong tests.”

Have you read this book? Do you have any favourite quotes from it? Would love to read them. Feel free to share them in the comments below.

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