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I’m back with another book tour!!! This time around I would like to thank Helen Lewis over at @literallypr for inviting me to take part in this tour and for sending me a physical ARC.

Today’s tour is for…

Publisher: Brown Dog Books

Genres: YA Fiction, Fiction, Society & Culture

Publication Date: 4th March 2021

Formats Available: Paperback, eBook, International distribution

ISBN: 978-1-83952-264-2

Price: £7.99 / £3.99


The town of Greenville, Utah, is dominated by the Septosectreligious cult and its leader Harrison who has ambitions for increasing his religious control over the area. Living amidst the threat of a fatal virus, which could take a whole horde of people at a time, the members of the cult look to the Septosect’s ideals as a way of life, hoping that a divine entity will spare them from their doomsday.

They are trapped by Harrison’s reminder that leaving the town would mean divine condemnation. Deception about the virus, fake news and religious fervour keep the community isolated, but the death of a young girl leads to suspicions over the motives of Harrison. Living amidst the virus makes life feel desperate for Greenville’s community members, who feel that each passing month is precious but futile. The cult members must choose to believe if the seven principles of the Septosect will lead them to the truth, or to their deaths.

Anna Pattle says,“After reading The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio, in which the threat of disease affects how a group of ten people spend their last few days, I thought about how these characters might be different in a modern context.

This modern context is partially influenced by misinformation and ‘fake news’, particularly its ability to shape religious beliefs. As a result, I decided to setthe novel in an isolated, impressionable community –one that could potentially be anywhere –to show that the growth of religious extremism and its effects on people is easily possible at any time, given the right circumstances. This novel delves into the feelings of different community members as they struggle to cope with the consequences that viral disease under cultish leadership has brought to Greenville.”

My Thoughts

The Ascension of Greenville is a short novella that looks into how people and communities can be easily influenced by fake new and misguidance. This is a well written book and to think the author is only 17.

I have to admit I wasn’t too sure about this book at first but it turned out to be a very interesting and thought provoking read. The story is pretty easy to follow and being short this book can easily be read in one sitting. 

As this is such a short book it is quite difficult to review fully, as it would lead to spoilers. But what I will say is that it is a timely read especially with everything going on with the pandemic.

As I mentioned the author is only 17 years old but I can really see great reads coming from this talented author in the future. 

My Rating


About the Author:

Anna Pattle is a 17-year-old student at Wycombe Abbey Schoolcurrently doing her A Levels. She found the inspiration for this book while being locked down in London for the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. This is her second novel, the first being Sardaron, a fantasy fiction novel which was published in 2018. Anna enjoys creative writing in her free time and this short book was the culmination of thoughts about how an isolated community might respond to the threat of illness and loss of freedom. Anna aims for this book to provoke thought about global responses to COVID-19.


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