The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis (eARC Review)

The Lost Hours by Susan Lewis

Format: eBook

Source: NetGalley

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction

Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Publication Date: 1st April 2021

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

A perfect marriage…

Golden couple Annie and David Crayce have it all. A loving marriage, three beautiful children and a thriving family business. Life couldn’t be better. Until the unthinkable happens… 

A perfect crime?

A piece of damning DNA evidence has arisen, placing David as the prime suspect of a murder committed twenty-years ago. Annie is sure her David is innocent. But if he isn’t guilty, then either his father or brother must be. 
As the police investigate the cold case, so does Annie. Trawling through her old diaries, she begins desperately looking for answers. But it all comes down to a few lost hours she can’t solve.

And Annie begins to doubt the one person she thought she knew best… Her husband.

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My Thoughts & Review

Susan Lewis has done a great job with the writing and I thought the plot was very cleverly done with plot twists that kept you guessing to the very end. Yes, the start was a little slow with the pace only really picking up after the 20% mark. But, after this point the storyline really gets interesting and gripping, and my predictions of the ‘whodunnit’ was so wrong.

One of my major struggles was with keeping up with the characters. I didn’t have a problem with the characters themselves but the amount of them. There were so many characters that I struggled to keep up with the names of them all and it started to get really confusing as to who was who and who was in a relationship with each other, especially when the storyline jumped between past and present times. At times I ended up rereading sections, which slowed me down in getting to the end to find who the perpetrator actually was. Saying that overall I thought characters were really well done. They were all very individual in their own way and full of depth. Most of them are believable and likeable, although at times they were a little annoying.

After the initial slow start this turned out to be a really good read and is worth sticking with. I think that this book would make a great TV series. One that I would be happy to watch. This is a great book for anyone looking for a family based psychological thriller.

I would like to thank Rachel Quin at HarperFiction for getting in touch and inviting me to read this book in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

My Rating


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