Mary Poppins The Original Story by P. L. Tracers (Review)

Mary Poppins The Original Story by P. L. Tracers

Format: Audiobook

Source: Libby

Publisher: HarperCollins

Genres: Children’s Classic, Fantasy, Fiction

Narrator: Olivia Colman

Length: 3 Hours & 55 Minutes

Publication Date:

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“The original best-loved classic about the world’s most famous nanny—Mary Poppins.

When the Banks family advertise for a nanny, Mary Poppins and her talking umbrella appear out of the sky, ready to take the children on extraordinary adventures.

Mary Poppins is strict but fair, and soon Michael and Jane are whisked off to a funfair inside a pavement picture and on many more outings with their wonderful new nanny!

Needless to say, when at last ‘the wind changes’ and she flies away, the children are devastated. But the magic of Mary Poppins will stay with the Banks family forever.”

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My Thoughts & Review

Having seen and loved watching all the Mary Poppin movies I couldn’t wait to give the books a go especially as I’ve never read it. So, when I saw the audiobook was available to download from my library, I couldn’t wait to get started.

Now although I loved the magical adventures and the overall story. It definitely wasn’t what I was expecting. The writing was great and I loved everything about the book except for one thing and that brought my overall rating down. That one thing was Mary Poppins character. She was nothing like the character in the movies. In the movies we get a fun, friendly loveable Mary Poppins, but in the book she is the absolute opposite. In the book she was a cold hearted, unfriendly, sarcastic nanny who seemed to scald the children almost all the time, and came across very scary. 

Although I wasn’t a fan of Mary Poppin’s character I did like the side characters. I would have liked to see more of Bert, as throughout the book he only appears a couple of times and we don’t really get to know him like in the movies.

I have to say even though this book wasn’t quite what I was expecting I did love the narration. Olivia Coleman has done an absolutely great job with the narration and voices for all the characters, she really brought the characters to life.

As I said before this wasn’t quite the read I was expecting but it was a good introduction to the Mary Poppin books. 

My Rating


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  1. Lovely review! I never read Mary Poppins, but I have recently re-watched the film of 1964 with Julie Andrews and found it wonderful. I am surprised that the book has so few episodes with Bert and Mary Poppins’s character appears different. But then, the book is also the product of its age (nannies are supposed to be very strict! and re-watching the 1964 film, I noticed that Mary Poppins does sometimes come across as rather self-centred and even arrogant).

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  2. Great review! I loved the movies as well, but I’ve always been curious about the original story. It’s disappointing that Mary Poppins doesn’t have the same loveable personality as she does in the adaptations, but those minor characters might still make this worth a read! Thank you for your review! 🙂

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