TH1RT3EN by Steve Cavanagh (Review)

TH1RT3EN by Steven Cavanagh

Format: eBook

Source: Kindle Store

Publisher: Orion

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Crime, Fiction

Publication Date: 30th January 2018

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“The serial killer isn’t on trial.

He’s on the jury…

They were Hollywood’s hottest power couple. They had the world at their feet. Now one of them is dead and Hollywood star Robert Solomon is charged with the brutal murder of his beautiful wife.

This is the celebrity murder trial of the century and the defence want one man on their team: con artist turned lawyer Eddie Flynn.

All the evidence points to Robert’s guilt, but as the trial begins a series of sinister incidents in the court room start to raise doubts in Eddie’s mind.

What if there’s more than one actor in the courtroom?

What if the killer isn’t on trial? What if the killer is on the jury?”

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My Thoughts & Review

WOW, what a read this was!!! I loved it!! I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to read this one forever, it’s been on my Kindle since August 2018 but just never got around to it until I finally picked it up in December 2020. 

I loved the plot to this book I really wasn’t prepared any of it. Cavanagh has done a great job writing this book, you never quite know what to expect next with all the twists and turns. I liked how the story is told through two points of view. The first is that of the killer Joshua Kane and the second from the lawyer Eddie Flynn.  Having only two points of view made it easier to follow while keeping you guessing.

While working my way through this action packed book I had so many questions running through my head but I’m really happy to report that by the time I got to the end they were all satisfyingly answered.

The characters are so well drawn and kept me engaged in throughout the book. Kane’s character was so well done that you could really picture him being a cold blooded murderer who feels like a total sociopath. (Not that I really know what one looks like). What I really found fascinating was the fact that Kane’s character couldn’t feel physical pain, at first I couldn’t work out how that was possible but if all is made clear as you read on . Flynn’s character was also great and he was definitely my favourite, he came across as smart and observant, he picked up on all the little things. Obviously these are traits he picked up while he was a con artist.

Thirteen may be the fourth book in the Eddie Flynn series but I definitely had not trouble reading this one as a standalone.

This was undeniably a great read and if you’re looking for a fast paced legal thriller this is definitely one to pick up. I can’t wait to pick up the next book, which is already on my TBR shelves!!! 

My Rating


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Happy Reading!!!

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