Dead Time by D.L. Orton (Review)

Dead Time by D.L. Orton

Format: Audiobook

Source: Scribd*

Publisher: Rocky Mountain Press Audio

Genres: Sci-fi

Narrator: Noah Michael Levine

Length: 10 hours 45 minutes

Publication Date: 10th November 2017

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“From award-winning author D. L. ORTON comes book three in the Between Two Evils series. 

Shannon fights to stay alive inside a rogue biodome and discovers something totally unexpected… Peter. 

Lani is forced into the role of the reluctant heroine but rediscovers her street-kid mojo and sets out to find everything she’s lost. 

Diego receives another dirty sock (and a note) from the fireball express: The window between universes is closing. If Diego has any hope of getting back to Iz, he must get to the Magic Kingdom and fix the time machine before it’s too late. 

What could possibly go wrong?”

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My Thoughts & Review

Dead Time is the third book in the Between Two Evils series, and one that I couldn’t wait to get started on. It continues on from the cliff-hanger at the end of book two, Lost Time.

The plot has just got better and better as the books have progressed through the series and I think this one was by far my favourite book of the three. Although this book is longer than the previous books, it felt like I raced through it much faster, and I think that was to do with the fact that this one is much more fast paced action.

As I’ve worked my way through this series, I’ve loved the way Ms Orton has continued to develop the characters, by the time you get to the end you really end up falling for them and really want to see how things turn out for them. They also feel so real by the end of this book as you get to know them much more. My favourite has always been Diego from the very first book. 

Although I found the ending to be very satisfying I do hope there is another book to continue the fun and adventure.

Before I conclude with my final thoughts let me praise the brilliant work the narrator Noah Michael Levine has done throughout this series, he truly brought the books to life and really hopes he continues to narrate any more books that might follow on this series.

I’ve truly enjoyed this series and can’t wait to see what Ms Orton has instore for her readers next.

If you’re a fan of adventure, science fiction (time travel) or anything to do with post-apocalyptic worlds, I highly recommend you give this series a go.

My Rating


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