Recent Reads With My Nephew (Mini Reviews)

As the title of this post suggests today, I’m sharing some mini reviews for some children’s book that I had the opportunity to download for free after Story Monsters LLC reached out on Instagram.

From the available books my nephew chose the following.

The Tooth Fairy and the Baby Elf… A True Story by Granny By Cynthia Kern

Our Thoughts

This was a good story that is well written but I felt it took away the magic element of the tooth fairy. I read this with my nephew and although he really enjoyed it her was confused about the part where grandma call the tooth fairy, especially when his been told she only comes at night and doesn’t speak to anyone because she is special.

The illustrations by Rosemarie Gillen are really well done, they are nice and clear and flow nicely with the story.

When I asked my nephew what he thought of the book this is what he had to say:

“It’s good, but it made me feel a little bit sad because the tooth fairy didn’t come. The tooth fairy always comes, it’s not nice the girl had to wait.”

Overall a good book, but one I would be cautious to read to some children.

Our Rating


It’s Good To Have A Grandpa & It’s Good To Have A Grandma Maryann MacDonald

Our Thoughts

My nephew and I really enjoyed this one. We had a nice giggle while working our way through the two books. My nephew started comparing what activities he does with his grandparents, and also made plans to do some of the activities he found interesting.

This was a well written, fun read, but my nephew did think the books were a bit long. But I think that was because he wanted to go and play. We loved the illustrations, they were just so cute. Both of these books would be perfect reads for grandparents and children to cuddle up and read. Definitely recommend.

Our Rating


Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat.

Happy Reading!!!

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