Would You Rather Book Tag!!!

Back in April I was tagged by Cozy With Books to do the Would You Rather Book Tag but I got lazy and have only just gotten around to catching up. Sorry for the delay!!!


Very simply:

Answer the questions given to you by your nominator

Make up your own questions and tag other

Questions from Crazy With Books

Would you rather sit in a cafe and read or in your own little reading nook? 

Definitely in my own little reading nook.

Would you rather spoil the book by reading the climax of a book first or the last 2 chapters?

I’d rather not be spoilt at all but I’d go for being spoilt by reading the climax of a book first.  

Would you rather travel with and read a 700+ page hardcover book or on a slow to function phone app (not ebook or tablet)? 

Definitely a 700+ page Hardcover. I’ve done it before. That was before I brought my Kindle and before there were apps that you could download.

Would you rather live in your last book for 2 years or stay a night in the hotel of The Shining for 2 nights?

Stay a night in the hotel of The Shining for 2 nights. I think that would actually be pretty cool.

Would you rather have a bookish box with only goodies but no book or a book box with only books and nothing else?

Really don’t know!!! There would be a lot of factors I would need to take into consideration, the major one would be the price.

Would you rather read only in first, second, or third POV for the next 2 years? 

I wouldn’t mind reading in any of the three POV’s as long as the book was good one.

Would you rather live in a horror book taking place on a haunted lake or in the haunted woods?

Definitely the haunted woods, I get sea sick lol

Would you rather have your favorite book turned into a movie/show/game or have your favorite movie/show/game turned into a book?

Have my favourite movie/show/game turned into a book anytime.

Would you rather read a book with very small font size or read a book with normal text but in the dark?

I find it really difficult to concentrate and read small font size so I choose to read a book with normal text but in the dark.

Would you rather bring your last book to the real world or get dragged into the book’s world/setting?

Based on the books I’ve just finished (at the time of writing this) I would rather bring the books to the real world.


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  5. And You!!!!

No pressure if you don’t fancy doing this tag, but don’t forget to link back if you do so I can read your wonderful answers.

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