The Secret GP: What Really Goes On Inside Your Doctors Surgery by DR Max Skittle (Review)

The Secret GP: What Really Goes On Inside Your Doctors Surgery by DR Max Skittle

Format: Audiobook

Source: BorrowBox

Publisher: 535

Genres: Autobiography, Memoir

Narrator: Kris Dyer

Length: 11 hours 49 minutes

Publication Date: 1st July 2020

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Amazon):


We, as GPs, are just one cog in the NHS. Just one of many, many cogs, all with a shared vision of saving lives. A vision, I should add, that is shared in – and out – of any crisis.’ 

Here is an unbelievable journey to the truth of life as a GP, through spilt urine bottles, the patients who should have been in hospital months ago, existential crises, utterly unexplainable health problems and awkward silences. 

Find out why you only get ten minutes with a GP, why you can never see the same doctor and why they are ALWAYS running late. This is what really goes on in your local doctor’s surgery, through the tired yet tireless eyes of a doctor who, despite it all, really loves his job.

Thought you knew about the life of a GP? Think again.”

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My Thoughts & Review

This was a very interesting audiobook, that I really enjoyed. I liked the true and honest account of what it’s like being a GP in London. The audiobook was sad, funny and heart-warming all at the same time.

The book is written as diary entries which I thought was well done. It really showed how no day is ever the same. Also, at the very end of the book there is an interesting chapter how the recent pandemic has changed the way GP’s are having to work as well as how Dr Skittle and other professionals are trying to cope.

I personally found this to be a great audiobook to listen to and Kris Dyer the narrator has done a great job.

I highly recommend this audiobook, but I do advise some to pick it up with caution as there may be some upsetting medical triggers, and some may find some of the content offensive. Personally, I didn’t have a problem with any of the content but just wanted to gives a heads up.

My Rating


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