Malorie by Josh Malerman (Review)

Malorie by Josh Malerman

Format: Audiobook

Source: Publishers via NetGalley

Publisher: Hachette Audio UK, Orion

Genres: Horror, Thriller, Fiction

Narrator: Katherine Mangold

Length: 8 Hours 39 Minutes

Publication Date: 21st July 2020

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from NetGalley):

“In the seventeen years since the ‘creatures’ appeared, many people have broken that rule. Many have looked. Many have lost their minds, their lives, their loved ones.

In that time, Malorie has raised her two children – Olympia and Tom – on the run or in hiding. Now nearly teenagers, survival is no longer enough. They want freedom.

When a census-taker stops by their refuge, he is not welcome. But he leaves a list of names – of survivors building a future beyond the darkness – and on that list are two names Malorie knows.

Two names for whom she’ll break every rule, and take her children across the wilderness, in the hope of becoming a family again…”

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My Thoughts & Review

Malorie is a sequel to Bird Box that is set 17 years after we first read about the creatures and I was really looking forward to reading it as was hoping it would clarify some of the questions that I had after finishing the first book.

Now although I liked the book in general I felt it wasn’t as creepy as the first and also the so called creatures took more of a back seat in the whole story. I would have liked to have seen more action from them especially as we learn that in the last 17 years they have evolved.

What I did enjoy was seeing how the children have grown and adapted to life livening and avoiding these creatures. I have to admit out of the now two teenagers I didn’t like Tom’s character. He was always trying to defy Malorie and he was just a bit annoying, as was Malorie’s character. However, Olympia was my favourite she somehow was  the only character I felt was actually believable and one that I would like to be friends with.

Overall Malorie was a good read but it was definitely a slow burn. Also, after finishing this book I feel that it wasn’t really needed. In all honesty I would have liked it better if the book was based on life after they reached the safe place.

This was my second audiobook from NetGalley and thought the narrator was really good, also I had no technical issues like the first NetGalley audiobook. 

I would like to thank NetGalley and the publishers Hachette Audio UK, Orion for a copy of my audiobook in return for an honest and unbiased review.

My Rating


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