Cocaine, Cupcake by Chester Gattle (Review)

Cocaine, Cupcake by Chester Gattle

Format: ebook

Source: Sent to me by author

Publisher: Self Published

Genres: Crime

Publication Date: 31st October 2020

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“Frustrated that he can’t get his book published, a young writer crafts a twisted plan to generate some buzz. There’s a park across the street from his apartment where a drug dealer frequents. He’ll gather some evidence and get him arrested. #Hero. He can even put the whole thing on social media. He’ll be an inspiration to all. But what starts out as a simple plan to rat on the guy quickly escalates into a terrible mess. When he finds himself lying blindfolded atop a blood-stained mattress with the cartel standing over him, he realizes he may have made a very big mistake.”

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My Thoughts & Review

After Chester got in touch as asking me if I was interested in reviewing his book, I couldn’t resist. The plot sounded really intriguing, as well as the title. 

Cocaine Cupcake, is well written with a very different and unique plot that I haven’t read before, but it was a little hard to get into at the start. But as the book progresses it got much more interesting.

There are also a good cast of characters. They are also a little hard to like and engage with at first but again they start to grow on you as you read on. Also, at first the characters feel a little unbelievable but you when you really think about their actions and behaviours you can see that in fact they could be very believable.  Although most of the characters were well  done I did find a couple that could have been developed more.

Cocaine Cupcake may not be for everyone, but I found this to be a good read, and look forward to giving more books by this author a go in the near future.

A big thank you to Chester for getting in touch and for sending me the eBook.

My Rating


Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat.

Happy Reading!!!

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