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Hi fellow Readers,

Today I’m working with Sand Scribes to help promote a new service for all you talented wannabe writers out there.

About Sand Scribes

“Let’s face it, the world is going mad, and when humans want to make sense of things, they tell stories. What better time than now to document, express, and publish your creative vision?

Sand Scribes is a new partnership designed to deliver intimate, top-shelf support to forge your literary ideas into gems. The Sand Scribes know all about telling stories. Brian Gruber and Tom Vater have spent their professional lives traveling the world, working in a myriad of creative industries and literary genres. Henry Roi adds his expertise in guerilla marketing, ensuring your work gets to influencers, reviewers, targeted communities, and social media networks.

Tom Vater (Left) & Brian Gruber (Right)

Have an idea for a novel? How about a non-fiction book on a personal passion? Perhaps you or a friend or relative want to document and publish your own unique stories for posterity?

Then send us a note for a free hour of coaching and guidance on how to take your creative project to completion. Thanks for your attention. Come see what we’ve created”. – The Sand Scribes


Where did the design from Sand Scribes come from?
Original design is adapted from SandScribes cofounder Brian Gruber’s work with branding guru Michael Cronan on projects designed to bring elite public content to the web. Cronan designed this logo plus Brian’s ShowGotv jazz club streaming service, TiVo and Kindle. It is meant to signify the sharing of fresh ideas to anyone anywhere in the world. “

Why should a writer come to you guys for help? What makes Sand Scribes different and unique?
We have a unique combination of experiences with a sensitivity to the new or aspiring writer. We add a personal coaching component to the overall technical and literary service set. So much of getting to completion involves inspiration, support, solutions, and planning. We deliver all of that in addition to editing, promotion, and publishing outcomes.

How do payments for your packages work? 
“We accept payments via most methods including PayPal and wire transfers.” 

What advice do you have to give to new authors? 
“Ask the Why before you start down a path to publishing. That will give you the motivation and discipline to stay the course through the inevitable speed bumps. Get all the support you need, develop a regular writing schedule and practice. And believe that your stories are valuable and worth sharing.”


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