WWW Wednesday – 20th May 2020


Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Hope you’re all doing well.

I haven’t been up to very much since last weeks post. I didn’t manage to  get as much read as I wanted due to pain flare ups at the end of last week. But I all has started to calm down so will get back to reading.

Anyway lets get into this weeks WWW Wednesday!!!

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What is WWW Wednesday?

It’s a weekly meme that I first discovered on Roachies Reviews blog, and that is originally hosted by Taking on a World of Words.

All you have to do is answer 3 simple questions:

What are you currently reading?

What have you recently finished reading?

What do you plan to read next?

So, without further ado here’s my WWW Wednesday for this week.

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Currently Reading

War Doctor: Surgery on the Front Line by David Nott – I started the audiobook on Monday and it’s so an intense read but one that I am really getting into.

Glow: Book I, Potency by Aubrey Hadley – Another NetGalley eARC that I’m working my way through. I’ve not managed to pick it up as much as I want and am only 10% into it, but so far its it looks like it will be quick read when I do pick it up properly.

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King – I’m really loving this book but just haven’t picked this one up since last week. Purely because all my audiobook holds from the library are coming through at the same time and I’m prioritising them as if I don’t finish in them in time, I will have to wait another 3 months to get them again.

Les Misérables by Victor Hugo – Still going strong with this one. It’s definitely heading toward the best classics l’ve read list. I’m up to page 820/1232.

Recently Finished

Last Man In Tower by Arvin Adiga – Turns out I had read this one before. I didn’t mind though as it turned out to be quite relaxing to re-read, as it meant I didn’t need to concentrate too much on what was happening. In fact is was the perfect read for the on the days I didn’t do much.

Black Leopard Red Wolf by Marlon James – I actually ended up DNFing this one. It just wasn’t for me. I tried the audiobook and the physical book. But I do love this front cover.

Reading Next

I’m hoping to pick up On The Come Up by Angie Thomas.

On The Come Up

What’s everyone currently reading, finished reading or planning to read next? Don’t forget to leave links to your WWW Wednesday

Happy Reading!!!

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