The Power by Naomi Alderman (Mini Review)

The Power by Naomi Alderman

The PowerFormat: Paperback

Source: Owned

Publisher: Penguin

Genres: Fiction, Science Fiction, Dystopia, Feminism

Publication Date: 6th April 2017

Synopsis/Blurb (Taken from Goodreads):

“All over the world women are discovering they have the power.

With a flick of the fingers they can inflict terrible pain – even death.

Suddenly, every man on the planet finds they’ve lost control.

The Day of the Girls has arrived – but where will it end?”

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My Thoughts & Review

I went into this book not knowing very much about the plot. Yes, I did pick up a physical copy from the charity shop but I didn’t actually read what it was about, I just brought it because I had heard the name and also because a few people had suggested I read it. Anyway, before I started the book I had convinced myself that I wouldn’t enjoy it and that I’d probably end up DNF-ing it but I was wrong.

The Power ended up being a really good read. It turned out to have an interesting and  definitely thought provoking plot.  Generally speaking I thought the book was well written but I preferred the first half of the book more. The first half of the book definitely had me gripped. The second half of the book wasn’t bad but there were a few little sections where I felt the plot drifted and my interest did waver a bit and the ending was a little underwhelming for me.

Overall I enjoyed this book, but because of the underwhelming ending I give this a solid 3 out of 5.

My Rating


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  1. Great review, Mani! I really like the sound of this synopsis and it’s been sitting on my shelf for a while now. Good to know that the first half might be more enjoyable than the latter half–I’ll keep my expectations low lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Dini!!! This is definitely one of those books that was worth going in with low expectations and then discovering that it wasn’t bad at all. Hope you end up liking it too. It’s definitely one of those reads that you either like or hate 😉


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