Book Club Read: Galina Petrofina’s Three-Legged Dog Story by Andrea Bennett (Review)

Galina Petrofina’s Three-Legged Dog Story by Andrea Bennett

Galina Petrofina's Three-Legged Dog StoryFormat: Paperback

Source:  Library book club

Publisher: The Borough Press

Genres: Humour, Fiction, Drama

Publication Date: 3rd May 2016

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from Goodreads):

“A joyful and hilarious tale of some very spirited septuagenarians as they overcome innumerable obstacles to save their beloved mutt from a heartless exterminator in a land where bureaucracy reigns above all else.

Perhaps you’re not a member of the Azov House of Culture Elderly Club?

Perhaps you missed the talk on the Cabbage Root Fly last week?

Galina Petrovna hasn’t missed a meeting, even if that means leaving her three-legged dog Boroda behind. Boroda isn’t ‘hers’ exactly, they belong to each other, and that’s why she doesn’t wear a collar.

And that’s how Mitya the Exterminator got her.

So everyone had to go to Moscow.”

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My Thoughts & Review

This was our February read for book club. Some of the other’s in the group had known a little about the book already but I didn’t have a clue what it was about.

After the blurb on the back it sounded like an interesting novel, I had a quick flick through before I started reading and I knew it was going to be an entertaining read. Galina Petrovna’s Three-Legged Dog Story is set in Russia in the 90’s and we follow old Galina Petrovna and her friend Zoya who are on a quest to persuade the Russian authorities to save a three-legged dog from extermination, and to try and release her elderly neighbour from the state prison.

Although this was an entertaining and funny read, it did lack a plot. It’ really hard to explain but when I got to the end of the book it felt like I had missed something. I discussed this with my friend who read this book too and she said she felt the same but together we can’t work out why it feels like that. It’s well written, with loads of interesting details but there’s just that little something missing.

There were mixed bunch of characters in this book. Some took a liking to but others not so much. Galina and her friend Zoya were my favourite. They were like the embarrassing grandma that you don’t want to be seen with in public, because they are so loud and say things as they see it. but, yet love to bits. They actually reminded me of my grandma’s. Which made me feel so warm and fuzzy inside.

Overall I thought this was a good read. It’s very funny and very readable. I’m glad we chose it as it’s one of those books that I wouldn’t have picked up on my own if I had seen it. If you’re looking for a funny and entertaining read I would definitely recommend this one. Just beware it’s definitely not for everyone as a couple of people from our book club weren’t fans of this book.

My Rating



Some thoughts from other book club members:

Unfortunately I couldn’t make the meeting, but I spoke to a couple of friends who also attend the book club so here are their thoughts.

(Spoiler Free thoughts)

“This was such a funny book, I thought I would’t like it but I did”

“I liked reading and finding out about Russia, the author definitely seems to know her stuff.”

Have you read this book? What did you think of it? Leave a comment below and let’s have a chat.

Happy Reading!!!

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