Kingdom of Needle & Bone by Mira Grant (Mini Audiobook Review)

Kingdom of Needle and Bone by Mira Grant

Kingdom of Needle and BoneFormat: Audiobook

Source: Scribd

Publisher: Tantor Audio

Genres: Horror, Sci-fi, Dystopia, Fiction

Publication Date: 30th April 2019

Synopsis/Blurb (Goodreads):

“We live in an age of wonders.

Modern medicine has conquered or contained many of the diseases that used to carry children away before their time, reducing mortality and improving health. Vaccination and treatment are widely available, not held in reserve for the chosen few. There are still monsters left to fight, but the old ones, the simple ones, trouble us no more.

Or so we thought. For with the reduction in danger comes the erosion of memory, as pandemics fade from memory into story into fairy tale. Those old diseases can’t have been so bad, people say, or we wouldn’t be here to talk about them. They don’t matter. They’re never coming back.

How wrong we could be.

It begins with a fever. By the time the spots appear, it’s too late: Morris’s disease is loose on the world, and the bodies of the dead begin to pile high in the streets. When its terrible side consequences for the survivors become clear, something must be done, or the dying will never stop. For Dr. Isabella Gauley, whose niece was the first confirmed victim, the route forward is neither clear nor strictly ethical, but it may be the only way to save a world already in crisis. It may be the only way to atone for her part in everything that’s happened.

She will never be forgiven, not by herself, and not by anyone else. But she can, perhaps, do the right thing.

We live in an age of monsters.”


My Thoughts & Review

Kingdom of Needle & Bone is a very short book, but Mira Grant has managed to fit quite a bit into each page, and I managed to finish the whole thing in one setting.  

The story starts off with a an eight year old girl who wakes up feeling ill while on holiday, but when her parents visit her aunt, she realises that she is sicker than they first thought. She has contracted an incurable virus (mutated measles virus) that spreads and kills thousands of people.  The story is really interesting and it made me realise how possible it is for this sort of stuff to come true in the near future, which is quite a scary thought. Although an interesting plot I felt this book would have been better if written as a full length novel.

I enjoyed the characters, but I couldn’t always relate to them. However, I did feel that they weren’t fully as developed as they could have been, and I think the main reason for this was because the book is so short and there just wasn’t enough time for them to develop.

Even though for me this short novella wasn’t perfect I still really enjoyed it and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it. If you’re the type of reader who enjoys reading Sci-fi Dystopia/Horror this is a great read for you.

My Rating


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