The Dead Wife by Sue Fortin (Another late eARC Review)

The Dead Wife by Sue Fortin

The Dead WifeFormat: eBook (eARC)

Source: NetGalley

Publisher: HarperCollins UK, HarperFiction

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Fiction

Publication Date: 12th July 2019

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from Goodreads):


Police have ruled out suspicious circumstances in the investigation into the death of Elizabeth Sinclair, wife of charismatic entrepreneur Harry Sinclair, found drowned in the lake of the family’s holiday park. [to look like newspaper cutting]

It’s been two years since the Sinclair case closed but when reporter Steph Durham receives a tipoff that could give her the scoop of the year, she’s drawn deeper and deeper into the secretive Sinclair family.

Elizabeth’s death wasn’t a tragic accident. And the truth will come at a deadly price”


My Thoughts & Review

The Dead Wife is about a journalist, Steph who is offered a weekend at The Conmete Resort Centre, to cover the story of the resort centres reopening. While at the resort she works to uncover the truth about the death of Elizabeth, who drowned in a lake at the Conmete Resort Centre two years ago.

The story unfolds in alternating time periods of two years ago and the present day. This alternating time period worked really well in this book. It actually helped to understand what events lead up to Elizabeth’s death. I thought the book was really well written, there was to great atmospheric descriptions. My favourite were the descriptions of the lake and its surrounding area. However, there were some slow parts where I did lose a bit of interest, but I think this was mainly to do with my reading preferences and rather than to do with the story. Oh, and the ending was a little disappointing for me, it felt a little rushed.

I thought characters were pretty strong. They seemed to develop as the book progressed and we learn about them as the book progressed but I couldn’t really relate to or empathise with them. I also felt Steph’s character could have been a little stronger. I felt we didn’t really get to know her. It would have been nice to know a bit more of her backstory, especially as she was one of the main characters in the book. Although I couldn’t relate to most of the character’s I do think there are definitely things others can relate to better than me.

Overall an enjoyable read. If you’re looking for a classic “whodunnit” style book full of suspense then I recommend you give this one ago. I would like to thank the publishers HarperCollinsUK, HarperFiction and NetGalley for my eARC in return for an honest and unbiased review.

My Rating


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  1. Thrillers with alternating time lines have to be really well written for me to enjoy otherwise it just feels like a mess. I’m glad to hear that this style worked will for this book and that you enjoyed it!

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