Cover Reveal Time!!! Stranger Days on Peculiar Hill by Grimly Darkwood

Time for a fab cover reveal!!! A massive thank you to Simon for getting in touch and asking me to take part in this cover reveal. 

Today’s cover real is for the second book in the Vale of Strange series. It’s absolutely stunning, I love it!!!

Stranger Days On Peculiar Hill

which will be out on 1st December 2019

Stranger Days on Peculiar Hill


This stunning cover has been designed by Pete Lyon.

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About the cover

The cover depicts an enormous wall which the lifkin characters in the book (who you may remember from the previous volume) have built to protect the underground deposits of strangeness which are under attack from a new character, the villainous Percival Crow. The lifkins make everything out of found objects, and this wall is no exception. Pete Lyon has used this as the starting point for an extraordinary picture, showing all the things that make up the wall in microscopic detail: bits of cars, an aeroplane, an old-fashioned camera, a postbox, an anchor with chain, a cooker, everything including the kitchen sink…

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Book Blurb

In ‘Stranger Days on Peculiar Hill’, Peter returns to the Vale of Strange with his new friend Mala, hoping to find her father, the hapless explorer Augustus Flipper, who has disappeared in a sudden outbreak of strangeness. Peter and Mala have to grapple with a number of difficult questions. Why is the unpleasant Percival Crow building a swimming pool even though he never takes a swim? Why have the mysterious four-foot-high bearded Australians taken against Uncle Bob? And what has produced the lights in the sky and the multicoloured bubbles of strangeness all across Mala’s lawn? Peter suspects that something big is happening here, but the most important question is this: will the reluctant Amanda decide to help them after all?

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About the Author

thumbnail_IMG_4672Grimly Darkwood was born in the year nineteen hundred and blinkety blonk, which was a very long time ago. In those days, things were very different from how they are today. Carts were more common than cars, mobile phones had not been invented, and if you were very lucky, the highlight of your day was to find a free plastic spaceman in a packet of corn flakes.

Grimly thought that the sights and sounds of such days were gone forever. He was therefore surprised when, while studying the night sky with his telescope, he began to observe life on a planet which had much in common with those distant days. That he could see this place so clearly was remarkable in itself. Normally, only the brilliant stars which provide such planets with light can be observed at such a distance. But Grimly found out that he could see the planet because it possessed a phenomenon called strangeness, of which he was soon to learn a great deal more.

‘The Shop on Peculiar Hill’ is the first of Grimly’s accounts of life in a part of that distant planet, a vicinity known as the ‘Vale of Strange’. He is determined that more such tales will follow, in spite of attacks from mysterious ‘intergalactic forces’ which, he says, are trying to sabotage his telescope and clog up his ball point pen.

Grimly rarely appears in public and his place at such events is often taken by someone called Simon Ounsley, another mysterious figure who has fulfilled numerous roles in life, among them co-editor and co-founder of a long running science fiction magazine. There are even rumours that Darkwood and Ounsley are one and the same person, though they both strenuously deny ‘these unfounded allegations’. Mr. Darkwood also wishes to deny that he is ‘a cantankerous old goat’.

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Purchase Links

Also available at other Amazon sites worldwide.
The book will be auto-delivered to your Kindle on publication date 1 December.

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