Bitter Orange by Claire Fuller (Review)

Bitter Orange by Clarie Fuller

Bitter OrangeFormat: Paperback

Source: Library 

Publisher: Penguin 

Genres: Historical Fiction, Mystery

Publication Date:  2019 

Synopsis/Blurb (Goodreads):

“Frances Jellico is dying. A man who calls himself the vicar visits, hoping to extract a deathbed confession. He wants to know what really happened that fateful summer of 1969, when Frances – tasked with surveying a dilapidated country house – first set eyes on the glamorous bohemian couple, Cara and Peter. She recalls the relationship they forged through sweltering days, lavish dinners and elaborate lies, and the Judas hole through which she would spy on the couple.

Were the signs there right from the beginning?

Or was it impossible to avoid the crime that split their lives open like rotten fruit?

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My Thoughts & Review

So, I finally managed to get around to reading this book. I managed to pick up a copy from local library. It did take me several attempts to read it but I finally got to the end after downloading the audiobook, which helped me along.

I think one of the main reasons I struggled with this book was because there wasn’t a lot of action. And it was quite a slow read, especially during the first half. The second half does pick up a little more pace but not a huge amount.

Claire Fuller has done a wonderful job with writing a descriptive book, where I could visualise the settings. However, it was the plot I had difficulties with, it was interesting, but at the same time it was missing the thrill factor which I was really looking forward to especially as this book has been described as thriller.

There aren’t many characters in this book, in fact there are only three main characters. I enjoyed reading about them but sadly there was something missing from their characterisation, and I didn’t feel I could relate to them. Also, I felt that they weren’t convincing enough.

I was really hoping that the ending would turn around the whole book, but sadly I found the ending unsatisfactory.

I know other people have absolutely loved this book and it has some wonderful reviews, but sadly this book just wasn’t for me. But, I’m still glad I gave it a read. If you haven’t read this book and really want to I would suggest trying to get a copy from your local library.

My Rating


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