A Flight of Broken Wings by Nupur Chowdhury (Book Review)

A Flight of Broken Wings ( The Aeriel Chronicles book 1) by Nupur Chowdhury

A Flight of Broken Wings by Nupur ChowdhuryFormat: eBook

Source: Sent to me by the author


Genres: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Thriller

Publication Date: 26th August 2018

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from Goodreads):

Supernatural meets White Collar.

Action, mystery, and bromance!

Saving the world has never been so much fun!!

Six hundred years ago, humanity rose up in revolt against the Aeriels, who were driven from earth and back into their homeland of Vaan after a bloody and glorious war.

Eight years ago, Ruban’s home was destroyed and his family murdered by an Aeriel.

When a new Aeriel threat looms over Ragah, the capital city of Vandram, Ruban Kinoh must do everything in his power to avenge his family’s past and protect the future of his country.

Which is hard enough without being saddled with a pretty and pompous aristocrat, who seems as useless as he is vain. Faced with a conspiracy that might cost humanity its hard-won freedom, and accompanied by the bejeweled and glitter-clad Ashwin Kwan, Ruban begins his journey into a land where the past and the future intertwine.

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My Thoughts & Review

Firstly, another apology to Nupur for the delay. Life and illness got in the way, but I finally picked it up and fell in in love with it.

It was a bit slow to start but then it picked up and it turned into a great fantasy thriller, that I couldn’t put down.

I loved the descriptions of the two worlds Earth and Vann. From the descriptions of the worlds  I could clearly imagine what the two worlds would look like. I also liked the little cultural references that I found popping up while reading.

I found the writing to be very clear and the plot had me engrossed in the book.  So much so that I finished it in two sittings during two separate hospital appointments. I did find the pacing was a little of in places but it wasn’t too major so didn’t really affect my reading experience.

The main characters felt well developed and I found them interesting. I liked how Nupur gave them personal challenges as well as the challenges to do with the main plot. This made them feel unique. The side characters were also good, I liked how they remained to be side characters throughout the book and they didn’t take over like some characters do in books.

Overall this was a great read which has got me in the mood to read a few more fantasy’s. If you  love reading fantasy thrillers this is definitely a book I recommend you try out. Can’t wait to see what the next instalment has to offer.

I would like to thank Nupur for sending me a copy of this eBook in return for an honest and unbiased review, and also for being so patient with me.

My Rating


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