One Year of Blogging!!!

1st Blogiversary
Hi bibliophiles,

Exactly one year ago today I officially took my first steps into becoming a book blogger and signed up to and that’s when Mani’s Book Corner was created.

A year ago, I had no idea what path my blog would take and over the past year there have been many ups and downs (especially at the start). But thanks to the support and love from friends and family (those that know about my blog) and you guys I kept going and I’ve steadily grown in both confidence and followers.

The journey I’ve taken through my blog in the last year has been amazing I’ve met so many wonderful and generous people in the blogging community and have had the opportunity to read and review some wonderful books. I’ve also had the opportunity to discover and connect with so many publishers, and authors which I would have never imagined discovering, especially Indie authors, if it wasn’t for my blogging adventure.

I would like to thank every one of you for making my 1st year of blogging experience so amazing and to everyone who has stuck with me, even when some of my posts have been rubbish or boring,  and also to everyone that has visited. There are not enough words to express exactly how thankful I really am. So, I hope some of these Gif’s help.

I’m really excited and looking forward to seeing what the next year of blogging has to offer.


Happy Reading!!

You can also find me on: Twitter || Instagram ||Goodreads ||Bloglovin


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*Gifs have been taken from Google Images


  1. Congratulations Mani! Wishing you more and more amazing fun! Thank you for including my work in your first year of reviews…so wonderful and exciting for me too! 🙂


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