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Welcome Readers!!!

Today I’m taking part in a promo blog tour for What Took You So Long by Jessica E. Larsen. A MASSIVE THANK YOU to Shalini who organises Digital Reads Blog Tours and to Jessica E. Larsen for letting me take part.

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💕Book Blurb💕

Milky thought she was ready for anything, but is she ready for love?

Ready to take on the world, Milky Valdez moves to Madrid to carve out a life and a career for herself, away from the stifling help of her well-meaning, affluent parents. Still young and inexperienced with men, she is shocked when she meets Luke, her handsome, womanizing neighbor, who leads a hedonistic lifestyle as a music producer.

Despite their differences, the two strike up an unlikely friendship.

Milky’s new world changes when she overhears a conversation that leads her to make a rash decision. Giving up her virginity to a friend seems like the easy option, but when she finds out what Luke has given up for her in return, she realizes just how big a risk she’s taking.

Page Divider 4💕Teasers💕

Here are a few teasers to get your juices following.

Teaser 1:

“Excuse me,” the man said,in anoh-so-sexyvoice.

Is he a singer-to-be or something?I wondered, gazingdreamily athis baby-blue eyes, straight nose,and full, dark-reddish lips.

The man smiledand scratchedhis short,layered hair. It was around then that Luke passed by Amira’s room with a TV show director. I heard him saygoodbye to the director, but nothing registered inmy head until I felt Luke’s arm around my waist just asthe man was about to speak again. And since it was so normal for me to feel Luke’s hand on me, I almost didn’t notice it until the handsome strangerlooked at my waist and said, “You have a cute girlfriend there, bro.” He glancedat Luke,who smiled widely.

“Of course!”Luke proudlyreplied, possessivelytightening his grip on me. My heart was filled with warmthand anger at the same time. “I would never choose someone otherthan my belov—uff!” Hiswords werecut off by the force of my elbow hittinghis side.

This whole thing might be fun for Luke, but my love-life was at stake here!

I forced a laugh and added a half-playful smack toLuke’s face as I looked back to the man in front of us. “Don’t listen to him. We’re not in that kind of relationship. He’s a friend and my boss.”


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Teaser 2:

“Is that why you’re waiting until you get married to have sex?”

I glared at him. “I’ve never had a boyfriend! I thought I told you that already.”

“I just find it strange. If you want to lose your virginity that much, why not…you know, use a vibrator?”

“I can’t! I tried, but just imagining the pain it would cause made me too scared.”

He laughed. “Right.” He moved out of bed and I looked away when I saw that he was only wearing a pair of boxers. He stepped toward the bathroom before looking back. “I heard some virgins say that it wasn’t that bad when they first lost it. Sure, there’s a pain, but there’s also pleasure.”


“That’s what I heard.”

I jumped out of bed and stopped him from closing the door, swallowing when my eyes landed on his well-sculpted abs. My eyes then traveled down to the V-shape that pointed to the secret part I had never personally seen in my life. “What?” He placed one hand on the doorjamb and the other on my chin. “Don’t tell me I’ll be the lucky guy?”

I lifted my eyes and answered him seriously. “Yes. Please take my virginity, Luke.”

The playful expression on his face vanished. He let go of my face and turned away. I heard him chuckle. “Are you still drunk or sleepy?”

“Neither. I’ve never been more sure and awake in my life!”

Luke took a deep breath and faced me with a conceited smile. “You’ll regret it.”


“You’ll enjoy having sex with me so much you’ll never be satisfied with someone else.”

“You’ve got it backwards, Luke. You’ll have so much fun with me that you’ll lose all interest in being with other women.”

His playful look returned. “You’re on,” he said, pulling me close and pressing our lips together for the first time.

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💕Book Links💕

You can get you very own copy of the book just by clicking on your preferred link.

Page Divider 4💕About the Author💕

Author JessicaJessica is a romance author. She writes in both English and Filipino (Taglish) language.

She’s a hopeless romantic, who will forever be young at heart. She enjoys traveling and hours arguing with her characters, and sometimes, she also takes pleasure in playing the villain and give them a taste of hell when they refused to listen to her outrageous demands.

Jessica currently lives in Spain near the Mediterranean coast with her loving husband and adorable son.

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💕Social Media💕

You can find Jessica at:










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