FairyLoot Unboxing!!!


Hi Bibliophiles!!

Welcome to my very first book box unboxing. I placed my order and waited patiently for my box. I finally got the exciting email to say that my box had been dispatched and would be with me soon. My box arrived on Saturday 18th April, a day before Easter Sunday and I was so excited when the courier rang the bell and I saw he was holding my Fairy loot box.

I was so tempted to open the box but I waited to open it as I’d promised my 4 year old nephew that he could open the box with me. He gets just as excited as me when there is mail that involves bookish things and books. Even before we got past the squiggles he said these are all mine and couldn’t wait to get everything out. As soon we started taking things out he started to claiming them. (I’ll let you know what he claimed and ran off with, in fact it was so difficult to take most of the photo’s in this post as he wanted almost everything.)

Enough of my ramblings let’s see what delights I received.

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The theme of April’s box was: Dark Magic

List of Goodies in the box:

  1. Exclusive Tote Bag
  2. Tea Strainer
  3. Philosopher’s Stone Soap
  4. Notebook
  5. Book Sleeve
  6. Exclusive Emberfall Enamel Pin
  7. Exclusive Collectable Tarot Cards
  8. Nocturne by Maya Motayne

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Ok, time take a closer look at wonderful things

Book sleeve: This is a stunning book sleeve which is inspired by the book series A Darker Shade of Magic series by V.E Schwabs. It was designed by @monolimeart especially for Fairyloot. I’ve not read the series A Darker Shade of Magic but I’ve fallen in love with this book sleeve. (This item was claimed by my nephew but his books were to big to fit in it so he gave it back to me)


Exclusive Tote Bag: This tote bag is inspired by Leigh Bardugo’s Grisha Trilogy (another series I haven’t read yet). This tote bag is stunning. I’ve used it a few time already and I’ve been asked where I got it from.


Exclusive Emberfall Enamel Pin: According to the spoiler card this pin is inspired by Brigid Kemmerer’s A Curse So Dark and Lonely (I haven’t read this book either but it’s on hold at my library.) I love collecting all types of pins but this is my very 1st bookish one.

Not the best picture

Tea Strainer: This tea strainer is inspired by the cat Mister Kindly from Nevernight by Jay Kristoff. Look how cute it looks in the cup. My nephew has claimed this and he won’t let me touch it.


Notepad: I love this little notepad it looks so fab in person. I couldn’t get a clear picture because it’s so shiny. There is a wonderful quote on the front from the book Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyemi. It says “We are all children of blood and bone. All instruments of vengeance and virtue”


Harry Potter Themed soap: This is a gem-shaped bar of soap that is inspired by J.K Rowling’s Harry Potter series. This is another item that my nephew took. I don’t mind him taking this one as I can’t actually use it due to my very sensitive skin.


Exclusive Tarot Cards: Here are the two tarot cards. They are inspired by the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo.


Finally the stunning looking book Nocturna by Maya Motayne, which is also signed by the author, and it has sprayed edges that matches the cover. This book was actually on my to buy list so when it came out of the box I was so excited, and I love the colour scheme on this one. I like the original cover but this one is definitely my favourite.

(My nephew wanted to take the book and put it on his own bookshelf in his bedroom, in fact his exact words were “WOW, that’s a beautiful blue book, can I have it to put it on my book shelf you have too many books in you room”) 🤣



I’m so happy with my first subscription box, I loved all the art work and designs, you can see in the quality just how much time and effort have gone into making them. I can truly say I will be purchasing another box one in the near future, but first I need to save up.

Are you a fan of book Subscription boxes? what’s your favourite thing about them? let me know in the comments.

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  1. I loved this!! I really love all the items that Fairyloot has in their boxes, but I live in the US and the international shipping is SO expensive!
    And as someone that is currently reading Nevernight for the first time, the Mr. Kindly strainer had me squealing!!!! It is so adorable!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too. I love it all. I love booksleeves. I have a couple of handmade ones, thanks to my mum. But this one is bigger and a little stretchy so I can use it for my bigger books. 😉

      Liked by 2 people

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