Bookshop Pet Peeves!!!


Last month I done a post called A Wheelchair User’s Bookshop Pet Peeves. Well I decided that I would do another post giving you some of the general pet peeves that I have with bookstores.

While writing this I realise these aren’t really the bookstores fault but more of what the customers do. So, here are my pet peeves.

Broken spins – this is really annoying to see at bookshops. If you’re like me you like buying your books in perfect condition especially if you’re paying full price. But I’ve noticed that usually the first copy of a book on display has damaged/broken spins because other customers have broken them while trying to read the first few pages. I’m not saying they shouldn’t open the book and read it but come on can’t these guys just be more careful!!! Especially if they’re not going to buy the book.

Bent/damaged book covers– OMG this is another thing that I hate. Again, these are usually the books at the front/on top of the displays and if your anything like me you’ll want to dig to the middle and find your perfect book.

Dogged eared pages – I don’t know about you guys but I have personally seen other customers dog ear books in stores. I’ve seen them pick up a book to read a few pages or even a chapter or two and then bend the corner of the page down and then walk around the rest of the bookshop and right before buying the book then decide they don’t want to it and put it back on the shelves. Why!!! Why would you do that!!!!

These are just some of my personal pet peeves that I found while visiting my favourite bookshops in my local area. These bug me the most especially when I want to buy a brand spanking new book and I’m going to be paying full price for them.

Do you agree with any of these pet peeves? What are your own bookshop pet peeves? Let me know in the comments down below.

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