My March TBR!!!


Wow!!! February just flew past, can’t believe it’s already March!!!

This month I’m going to do things a little different. I’m only choosing 3 new books to add to my March TBR.

I know I will read more than 3, but having 6 books listed on my January and February TBR, stressed me out way too much. This is mainly because I’m the sort of person who has to tick everything off if it’s on a list and if I don’t then it’s the end of the world. Well not really but it makes me feel like I’ve failed to reach my end goal for the month.

So, here are my  books that I want to read this month. I also have some audiobooks that I want to listen to, but haven’t quite decided what to listen to first.





Feel free to leave a comment/ links to your March TBR, so I can check out what everyone else is reading and add a few more books to my already long TBR

Happy Reading!!!

*Images from Goodreads

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