Christmas Gifts I Received!!!


Hi Fellow bookworms!!!

I hope you’ve had a good festive holiday and New year, hope you’ve all recovered from all the fun.

I thought now that everyone has finished celebrating the festive fun and some of us are probably starting to get the January Blues, I thought I would share with you all the gifts that I received at Christmas.

This year I received some awesome presents and I’m very grateful for such wonderful and thoughtful family and friends.


So here’s what I got.

The first present I got was a new tablet. This was actually a present to myself so not sure it technically counts as a gift but I did get some accessories for it as gifts so I’m counting it.

The next present I got was a Disney Christmas Pandora charm from my parents. It’s of Mickey Mouse holding a candy cane. It’s absolutely adorable.


The next set of gifts I received were from my brother, sister-in-law and nephew. They brought me the Major Works of Charles Dickens (cloth bound box set) and some cosmetics.



They also brought me an L.E.D book lamp. My 4 year old nephew loves it and he keeps wanting to turn it on. He even said “I want a light like this can I have this one, you can buy new one”. 😂



My best friend gifted me with the book The Immortalists by Chole Benjamin, a Paddington Bear bookmark, a pack of bookish pencils and some lovely Snoopy (Peanuts) slippers from Uniqlo which are just so soft and cosy.

I also received some vouchers as well as some chocolates and biscuits but they got eaten before I even got the chance to take a picture lol.

I’m so grateful for all the presents that I received and love them all. I have the best family and friends. Love them to bits.

Hope you all had a wonderful festive holiday and got everything you wanted.

Don’t forget to share what wonderful things you got up too and what exciting gifts you received over the festive holidays, in the comments below.

Happy Reading Everyone!!!



    • I know RIGHT!! I’ve wanted to read Dickens for ages but never actually got around to getting them from the library, but have no excuse now.

      I had a lovely Christmas, hope you had a good one too

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