My 2018 Round Up


Wow, where has the year gone!!! Feels like only yesterday I was planning what to read and what reading challenges to take on for the year.

2018 was a fantastic reading year for me. According to Goodreads this year I’ve managed to read a grand total of 109 books 😱 a new record for me. I’ve never read so many before. I still can’t get my head around how I actually managed to read so many. 🤔

In 2018 I took part in my very first reading challenges on Goodreads and I have had so much fun. So let’s take a look at what I had signed up for and what progress I made.

2018 Goodreads Challenges:

Personal book Challenge: Originally I set this at 28 books but I reached this target by the middle of May and I upped it again to 40+ books. I surpassed this total once again but didn’t want to set another because I was’t 100% sure if I could reach it so I just carried on reading.

Turn Pages Challenge: I originally set the target at 12,000 pages as this was my first attempt at this challenge and I wasn’t sure how it all worked. But again I flew past this target and in total I read 33,881 pages this year.😮😮 I’ve actually read a few more but for some reason Goodreads hasn’t counted the pages from 1 of the books that I’ve read, and I wasn’t prepared to go through all 109 books to see which books it has missed out.

Mount TBR 2018: For this challenge I started at level 2: Mount Blanc, this is where you have to attempt to read 24 books from your list or pile of TBR books. I managed to reach the top of the mountain by May so I moved up to level 3: Mt. Vancouver. For this level you have to attempt to read 36 books from TBR books. I managed to reach the top of this mountain at the end of October. I didn’t attempt the next level as I knew I wouldn’t be able to reach the top.

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful reading year.

Don’t forget to let me know how you’ve all got on with your reading in 2018. Did you meet your goals and challenges you set at the start of the year? let me know down below and lets have a chat.

Happy Reading for the New Year!!!

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