November’s Book Unhaul!!!


Over the weekend I was sorting through my shelves and trying to make space for some new books.

I started making a pile with books that I thought I would give to the local Cancer research charity shop but one by one most of them ended up back on my shelves.

But I did keep these 4 Kathy Reichs books down to donate.


I’ve read all four of them and love them all but think it’s time to depart with them. It’s sad to be saying good bye to them but I know they will be going to raise money for a good cause and also I now own all the books by Kathy Reichs on my Kindle.

I know the charity will love these books as I have given many books to them in past and they have said they love when I donate my books to them as they are always in near to perfect condition, which means they can sell them for a little extra compared to some of their well used books.


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