Pre-publication Book Review: ROAR by Cecelia Ahern

ROAR by Cecelia Ahern

cover148009-mediumMy Rating: 💙💙💙

Format: Advance Digital Review Copy

Publisher: HarperCollins (UK), HarperFiction

Genres: General Fiction (Adult)

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from NetGalley):

I am woman. Hear me roar.

Have you ever imagined a different life?
Have you ever stood at a crossroads, undecided?
Have you ever had a moment when you wanted to roar?

The women in these startlingly original stories are all of us: the women who befriend us, the women who encourage us, the women who make us brave.

From The Woman Who Slowly Disappeared to The Woman Who Was Kept on the Shelf and The Woman Who Returned and Exchanged her Husband, discover thirty touching, often hilarious, stories and meet thirty very different women. Each discovers her strength; each realizes she holds the power to make a change.

Witty, tender, surprising, these keenly observed tales speak to us all, and capture the moment when we all want to roar.


My Thoughts & Review


This is the only second book by Cecelia Ahem that I’ve read. I really enjoyed reading P.S. I Love You so when I saw this one on NetGalley I thought I would give this one ago. Also I really liked the cover.

I found some of the stories to be very well written and some not so much. This book is written with a collection of 30 short stories, all about women in different situations and how they overcome them.

Some of the characters and their stories are very interesting and I could relate to some of their feelings, however, there were some that I just could connect with.  But what I can say is that there will be at least one character that you will connect with in this book.

One thing I found with the short stories is that I couldn’t really see much character development, and I think that’s due to the shortness of their stories.

While reading this book I had mixed feelings as to whether I was enjoying it or not I’m still not sure how I feel about it. But I can say It’s an interesting read with some thought-provoking stories. There is also a bit of light humor within some of the stories which made the book feel a little light hearted. Would I recommend this book?  Yes, I would because has a message for women that says they have strength and resilience.

I would like to thank NetGalley and HarperCollins (UK), HarperFiction for my eARC in return for a honest and unbiased review.

This book will be published and available to buy on

1st November 2018


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