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Happy Monday!!!

Last week I was tagged by the lovely Laura over at Roachie’s Reviews to do The NetGalley Tag (Thank you so much).

(This Tag was originally created by  Kourtni at Kourtni Reads. I was super excited in answering the questions in this Tag.)


The Rules:

  • Thank and link back to the person who tagged you
  • Answer the questions the best you can. If you don’t use NetGalley, you can substitute other sites or places where you get books!
  • Tag a few people to do this tag too.

NetGalley Questions


AUTO-APPROVED: Who’s one author whose books you automatically want to read, regardless of what they are about?

Ok, a very hard one to start off with. There are a few authors that I like but I would have to say Stephen King. I love reading his books and own a majority of them either on my kindle or paperback form on my shelves. There are a few of his books I didn’t like but still worth reading. My favourite has to be IT I’ve read it twice already.


REQUEST: What makes you want to request a book on NetGalley?

Normally the first thing that draws me to a book on NetGalley is the title along with the front cover. If they both look and sound interesting then I will click on the book to find out what its about.



BADGES: If you could create one badge to display on your blog, what would it be for?would it be for?

A badge showing all the books I want to buy and a total of how much I need to save would be very useful.

wishWISH FOR IT: What’s one book that you are absolutely dying to read?

This question is so hard to answer there are SO many books that I’m dying to read. A few of them are already sitting on my shelves waiting to be read. From the books I own I would have to say either Sleeping Beauties by Stephen King or World Without End by Ken Follett.



2018 NETGALLEY CHALLENGE: What was the last ARC that you reviewed?

The last physical ARC I read and reviewed was Eggshells by Caitriona Lally was an ok read, and the last eARC from NetGalley I’ve read was Forget My Name by J.S.Monroe I will be posting my review soon.


I tag:

If you haven’t been tagged no worries you can still take part. Feel free to link back to NetGalley tag below!!!


  1. Love it! I went through a Ken Follett phase a couple of years ago. I loved Fall of Giants but I couldn’t keep up with Winter of the Worlds, there were too many characters. I think Night Over Water is my favourite Ken Follett book, highly recommended if you’ve not read it before.

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