WWW Wednesday – 26th September 2018


Here’s my WWW Wednesday for this week!!! Happy Reading everyone!!

(First seen on Roachies Reviews blog and originally hosted on Taking on a World of Words)


What are you currently reading?



The Yellow Bird by Kevin Powers. I’m still reading this book for my book club. I’m nearly half way through and finding it very interesting, in good way.




Murder On The Orient Express by Agatha Christie. I haven’t really picked it up since starting it last week, I’ve only read about 20 pages.





RENEGADES by Marissa Meyer. This book was chosen with the help of my Twitter followers as I couldn’t decide which book to start from my library book pile.




The Chalk Man by C.J. Tudor. Started this book but haven’t got very far on it





Forget My Name by J.S Monroe. This is an eARC from NetGalley



Also I’m still listening to The President Is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton and Inferno by Dan Brown on audiobook.

What have you recently finished reading?



I recently finished XX by Angela Chadwick. I really enjoyed this book. It covered an interesting topic. I posted my review of this book yesterday so you can have a read of it here if you haven’t already.


What do you think you’ll read next?

I’m very behind with my reading and I really need to finish the books I’m currently reading so not planning to read anything new yet. But knowing me I will find something else to add to the 7 books I’ve already started.

What’s everyone currently reading? Feel free to leave a link to your WWW Wednesday below. 


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