Pre-publication Book Review: XX by Angela Chadwick

XX by Angela Chadwick

cover146624-mediumMy Rating: 💙💙 💙💙

Format: Advance Digital Review Copy

Publisher: Little, Brown Book Group UK, Dialogue Books

Genres: General Fiction

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from NetGalley):

When Rosie and Jules discover a ground-breaking clinical trial that enables two women to have a female baby, they jump at the chance to make history.

Fear-mongering politicians and right-wing movements are quick to latch on to the controversies surrounding Ovum-to-Ovum (o-o) technology and stoke the fears of the public. What will happen to the numbers of little boys born? Is there a sinister conspiracy to eradicate men at play?

In this toxic political climate, Jules and Rosie try to hide their baby from scrutiny. But when the news of Rosie’s pregnancy is leaked to the media, their relationship is put under a microscope and they’re forced to question the loyalty of those closest to them, and battle against a tirade of hate that threatens to split them apart…


My Thoughts & Review


A very interesting debut novel by Angela Chadwick. Not something that I would normally pick up to read but after reading the description on NetGalley I knew I had to request it.

The book covers an interesting topic of lesbian couples who could become pregnant and have a biological baby which would always be a girl with the help of scientists who can use eggs from the two women without the need of  sperm donors, an interesting concept that could be all too real in the future.

The book takes us on a journey with a couple who take part in this new trial. It focuses on the couple and what’s it like for them along with what they are feeling and experiencing and how they are coping with the events that unfold while taking part with the trial.

I found the story very intriguing. I did struggle with it a little at the very beginning but the story picks up and from then on I was so gripped. I thought it was well written and the characters felt so real and believable. I felt I could empathise with some of the characters in this book.

An overall enjoyable book that is thought provoking, while at the same a little challenging. I can just imagine the topic covered in this book becoming possible in the future. I look forward to reading more books by this author in the near future I hope. I highly recommend this book.

I would like to thank NetGalley and Little, Brown Book Group UK/Dialogue Books for my eARC in return for an honest and unbiased review.


This book will be published and available to buy on

4th October 2018


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