Pre-Publication Book Review: EGGSHELLS by Caitriona Lally

EGGSHELLS by Caitriona Lally

20180822_151523My Rating: 💙💙 (It was OK)

Format: Advance Review Copy

Publisher: HarperCollins UK

Genres: Literary Fiction

Synopsis/Blurb (taken from LoveReading):

“A modern Irish literary gem for anyone who has felt like the odd one out. `Inventive, funny and, ultimately, moving’ GUARDIAN `Wildly funny’ THE NEW YORK TIMES BOOK REVIEW `Magically delicious’ KIRKUS REVIEWS `Beguiling’ THE IRISH TIMES `Delightfully quirky’ THE IRISH INDEPENDENT Vivian is an oddball. An unemployed orphan living in the house of her recently deceased great aunt in North Dublin, Vivian boldly goes through life doing things in her own peculiar way, whether that be eating blue food, cultivating `her smell’, wishing people happy Christmas in April, or putting an ad up for a friend called Penelope to check why it doesn’t rhyme with antelope. But behind her heroic charm and undeniable logic, something isn’t right. With each attempt to connect with a stranger or her estranged sister doomed to misunderstanding, someone has to ask: is Vivian OK? A poignant and delightful story of belonging that plays with the myth of the Changeling and takes us by the hand through Dublin. A poetic call for us all to accept each other and find the Vivian within.”


My Review

I choose to request this book to read and review for LoveReading after they sent me an email with a list of possible books to review. After reading the description of the book I thought it sound very interesting. The first few chapters of this book are very interesting but as I read on I felt that after about the first 100 pages or so the story just seemed to fizzle out and became very repetitive. Also after the 100th page mark I was waiting for the story to start but then I realised the book was actually based on the character Vivian and her life and nothing else.

I felt there was a lack of character development and where there was a little it was too slow. I found myself trying to work out what was going on with the character and therefore I think that this may have been one of the reasons why I was distracted from the book.

I have to admit I did skim read some of the chapters.

Oh, on a positive I did like the cover of this book. I like the fish and they way the odd one sort of represents the character Vivian, and if I had brought this book then it would have probably been because of the front cover as in the past I have brought books just based on the front cover. I’ve also learnt that’s not always the best way to buy books.

Overall I’d say it was OK read for me, but I know others will enjoy it more than me. I also think whether you like this book or not all comes down to personal preference.

Would I recommend this book? Yes and no. Yes, if you haven’t got anything else to read, but if you have then I wouldn’t rush to read this one.

I would like to thank LoveReading and HarperCollins UK for my ARC in return for an honest and unbiased review.


This book will be published and available to buy on

20th September 2018


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