Can one have too many bookmarks?

Hi Guys and Girls,

Is there every such a thing as having too many bookmarks?

I ask this question, as on the weekend I was having a bit of a clear out and I found some of my bookmarks that I had totally forgotten I even had.

In total I found 9 which had been buried inside a cupboard.  One of those that I found is from when I was 12 years old which was the first bookmark that I was ever given.  I remember it being given to me by school librarian. I still remember being really excited and thinking WOW, I have a grown up bookmark. It brings back good memories of the times that I spent in the school library with my friends who also loved reading at the time.

Below are some of the bookmarks that I found while clearing out, and some that have been on my bookshelf waiting to be used.


The oldest bookmark I own

The newest one in this collection is the Harry Potter: Gryffindor Crest bookmark which was given to me on my birthday by best friend who is also a book lover.

I even crocheted a few of my own, because I thought I didn’t have enough. I made Rattie the bookmark after seeing a picture on Pinterest and I made the flower one up as I went along.


While taking the pictures for this post, a friend popped in, and she said to me “You sure you have enough bookmarks?” My answer was “NO WAY YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MANY” and she thought I was mad, she’s not really reader, but I’m working on changing that. So far have managed to get her to finish one book this year which is better than none.

Note: I have more bookmarks, but I need to find them as they are hidden away in another cupboard somewhere.

So, let me ask you my fellow bookwormers is there such a thing as having to many bookmarks? Would love to hear your views on this subject so please leave a comment below.


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