Not Book but Farm Related

Parkside Pick Your Own Farm, my nephew and mum in there somewhere picking green beans

So yesterday, we (Me, my parents and my 3 year old nephew) decided to take a 30 minute’s drive to Parkside pick your own fruit and vegetable farm.  The sun was shining the temperature was perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

Me in front of the table top strawberries which were a perfect height from me

We reached the farm at about 10am and hour just after opening time, and it was really busy.  Probably because its Summer holidays here and school’s out for 6 weeks.

It was great to pick all the fruit and vegetables fresh from the trees and crops.  My nephew loves visiting the farm and picking his own strawberries and blackberries.

We picked  some lovely fresh stuff, which included some juicy strawberries, blackberries, gorgeous cherry tomatoes, long green beans and some green spinach.

Ready to pick Strawberry
Hand picked blackberries by my nephew
My Favourite picture blackberry changing colours

Was a bumpy ride around the farm in my wheelchair but was worth it.

Me in front of the Sweetcorn field

To end the beautiful morning, we had a picnic before and some ice cream before heading home.

I highly recommend this farm, great for children and adults of all ages. Most of the fields are wheelchair accessible. You can  find out more about Parkside Farm Pick Your Own by visiting their website






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